SF Deltas - the short lived dream, that became a reality!

The story: The SF Deltas, founded in 2015 in San Francisco, aimed to innovate and challenge norms in professional soccer. With Silicon Valley and Brazilian backing, they adopted a fan-first approach, emphasizing community, innovation, and transparency. Playing home games at Kezar Stadium, they installed Candlestick Park seats and upgraded facilities. The team broadcast games globally on Twitter and focused on player health and team cohesion. Despite a successful 2017 season, winning the NASL Championship against the New York Cosmos, the club closed in November 2017, marking a poignant end to a brief yet impactful journey.

The SF Deltas enhanced fan engagement by launching native apps, offering news, schedules, ticketing, and live match updates. Designed to compensate for Kezar Stadium's technological gaps, it allowed fans to plan food purchases and navigate the venue efficiently - even find the restrooms. Reflected by the global soccer community's spirit and the Deltas' dedication to improvement through fan feedback, the digital services were forever changing.

AR Player tracking

Fans could follow the ball and identify the players live.

Post Match Heatmap

Using FC Edmonton the ball and players were constantly tracked and data was shared with the fans.

Giving back

The app worked as a unbiast overview of all teams and players in the league.