Digital Art Director

I’m Kasper Bertelsen, a passionate digital native working with art direction and interface design. Making the digital world useful, entertaining and innovative is my passion.


For the past 9 years I’ve been working at some of Copenhagen’s leading agencies such as Wunderman, Kunde & Co., Creuna – and currently I'm occupying some office space at Magnetix, where I, as a lead Art Director, ensures a high quality in our clients projects.

Client experience

I can also do a little name-dropping if needed. I worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, Jabra, Ford, Fiskars, Flügger, Georg Jensen, DSB, Microsoft, Hi3G, Post Denmark, Copenhagen Metro, Q8, Nordea, Eilersen, Arla Foods, and Q8.
But in my opinion I prefer the 'glacé of the case', not 'the fame of the name'.

About me

I’m a passionate guy, and when I choose to do something, I like to go all in! I dream big and sometimes have a bit further to fall, but I love the thrill of bringing smart innovative and daring solutions to life. Photoshop is an extension of my fingers – and I have in more than one occasion duelled to the *death, in all sorts of PS challenges, showing off my superior skills – It’s all good fun tho.

Something else: I'm a certified Dive Master & Dive Leader just because I like to be the one with the hand signals.

I live in Copenhagen. I'm 26 years of age. I love a good brew - preferably accompanied with lovely people and a Pool table. Gourmet burgers is an activity, Soundcloud and Spotify is the top 2 apps on my phone, and pictures has to be taken with expensive equipment.

Want more?

I’m a nice guy and I love a good coffee. Here's my mail

Is talking SO last week – yeah I know how you feel! – Just stalk me on any given social media service there is... Here's some links to get started: Twitter, LinkedIn, Dribbble, Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, Swarm, Behance and what not.

See you around!